Need a Speaker?

Need a Speaker?

Do you like to laugh?  Do you yearn to be closer and/or more real with God?

Spend time with Teri and you will discover her love for the Lord, the ability to inspire others and a laugh-out-loud sense of humor. While using multi-media presentations, Teri skillfully weaves the timeless truths of the Bible together with practical, life-changing applications.  Her greatest passion is to help you connect your deepest needs with Christ’s transforming power.

Whether you are looking for a speaker, retreat leader, or women’s trainer, Teri would feel honored to spend some time with your group. They will leave refreshed, inspired, and ready for change.


While Teri is available to tailor a talk or a retreat to the issues and needs of your unique group some of her more popular presentations include:

*God Can’t Drive a Parked Car

*What?!  I have to love them!?!

*Why Do I Do The Things I Know I Shouldn’t?

*Can I Survive This?

*It Hurts Too Much

*Trial By Fire



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