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What Are You Investing In?

22 Feb

The sun began shining brightly in my eyes as I was driving through an area of town that I was unfamiliar with.  In order to maintain proper driving technique, I pulled down my visor to continue on my journey. When I did so, something fell into my lap.  In surprise, I looked down and realized that I had failed to mail some important letters the week before.  With eagerness I began searching to the left and right sides of the street looking for a mailbox.

As I continued through this unfamiliar area, numerous things caught my eye.  Finally, I found a blue Metal Box in the horizon.  I got SO excited!!!  At last I could mail the important documents.  I turned into the parking lot full of promise and excitement. A few moments later my spirit downtrodden, I looked at a blue – metal – trashcan.

As I sat there looking at the trashcan I realized several truths:

Both of the containers (the one I was seeking and the one in front of me) were made a metal

Both were blue

Both had openings for you to place things in

Both had four legs

Both had VERY different endings to the materials deposited in them!!  They may look alike but the end result is very different.

If  I put my letters in the trashcan, they would not go where I intended them to go to.  Instead, they would go to a place of ending – a very nasty, dirty place. A place of finality – of absolute ending – a place with no hope or future.  This is not what I needed. Instead, I needed the true blue metal container that would give me the results that I wanted.  Driving ahead I finally located a US Mail Box and deposited my mail to be picked up later that day.  I could breathe a sigh of relief!

As I thought about these things,  I had to ask myself:  what are you entrusting my other valuables in?  Are you putting the things that are important to you in “containers” that will give me the results I want?  Or am I throwing my treasures away – to places that are not good, possibly nasty and dirty and definitely not a place that will give me the results I want?

I sat and took inventory.  I evaluated the things that were important to me.  What was I investing them in?  Where should I be entrusting them?  I became aware of the many things and times that I didn’t get the result I wanted.  At that moment I realized it was because I entrusted them to the wrong thing.

How about you?  What results are you seeking? Where are you entrusting the things that are important to you?