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Friends as Travelling Companions

20 Jun

Most of us meet new people everyday.  Each of us can look around us and see people that we have no idea who they are, what their name is, where they live or what their story is.

Every day we live and work in an environment with people all around us and we can (maybe sometimes do) feel very alone and lonely.

As you take inventory of your journey through this life, ask yourself, “who are you travelling with?” Look around you. Who is need of someone to journey with.  God has made us to be a community. His Word challenges us to connect.

There will be a day when each of us are not doing well. When you have friends and family, you have others that will come over and love you through your pain and suffering. We should help each other when we are in need. We are more effective when we work together. We help each other do life with our skills and life becomes a little easier and little better.

Someone need YOU today!  Maybe YOU need someone today… Regardless, we are a community of people that need one another.  So take the first step.  Introduce yourself.  Invest yourself.  Make a difference and in doing so, you impact and empower yourself as well as the one you are investing in.

Recently I was challenged by someone when they asked, “Did you come here to be blessed or be a blessing?”  When I shifted my eyes from what I had hoped to receive, to what I could give to someone instead, that moment became life changing.

So what about you?  When you look at your friends, your travel companions as it were, are you thankful?  Do you seek to bless them? Do you recognize them as a blessing?  Stop right now and thank God for your friends, your family and those that you don’t even know yet that you can be a blessing to!  Remember…


Are you drenched?

22 Mar

As I was walking through a field reflecting on all of these truths that were being revealed to me, I heard the sound of running water.  Being ever so curious, I began my search.  As I walked further away from the camp the sound became louder.  At last, I reached the source of the sound.  The cutest little creek ran along the boundary of the camp.  As I stood there in this serene setting, I became entranced with the movement of the water.  It was moving much faster than the fountain this morning.  It had direction and nothing ordinary stopped it from its course.  If a rock (or obstacle) was in front of it, instead of that being a road block or something to stop it, the water just went around it – it cut its own path.  I was so amazed at this thought process, I had to sit down and process this further.

Once seated, I felt as if I became one with my surroundings.  The water really was mesmerizing.  All of a sudden two frogs began croaking.  One would sing, and then the other would repeat.  Over and over, they sang out a beautiful duet with the voice that their Creator gave them.  They were doing what they were created to do.

Yep, you guessed it.  At that moment another truth unveiled before my eyes.  Another turn in this journey.  A continuation, if you will, on the road of truth that we have been travelling together.

At the fountain, we uncovered that we have The Source of living water in us.  We have the freedom to choose to allow the living water to flow freely through us or we can become hardened and cold due to our surroundings.   Regardless of our choice, because of God’s unfailing nature, He will continue to move in us.


Now at the creek, we watched as the water had a purpose and that it was true to that purpose – it did not allow an obstacle or thing to divert it from its path (or purpose).  The water covered those in its path and refreshed those around it.  Even when something different or something that didn’t belong (me) came along, it did not stop being true to what the Creator intended.  Whereas the frogs had stopped singing upon my arrival, the water continued on its journey.  Only when I settled into the environment and the water became the primary sound again, that settled environment, caused those around it to praise yet again.

As I am soaking all of this in, I remember the waterfall that my family had walked to earlier this year.  I remember how the water there fell with such force, that all around it was drenched.  You see, water always seeks the lowest places.  That is why rivers flow to the oceans, creeks flow to rivers and water travel downstream.  Water can’t help going to the lowest place and once there, it covers and refreshes all in its path.  It does not seek those things in a “higher” place.  It goes where others cannot and will not.  It is not prejudice in its refreshment.

Then I had to ask myself, “Do these same truths flesh out in me?  Will I again allow my environment or surrounding to harden me and/or make me cold?  Will I be like the creek and go around an obstacle placed in my path or will I allow that to become a deterrent from God’s purpose in my life? Lastly, will I too seek a lowest place and then refresh all of those around me?”

You see, we all can choose one or we can become all three:

We can be a trickle……We can be moving forward…..Or We can drench all in our path with the

What kind of water will you be?

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to the baby pine cone!