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Friends as Travelling Companions

20 Jun

Most of us meet new people everyday.  Each of us can look around us and see people that we have no idea who they are, what their name is, where they live or what their story is.

Every day we live and work in an environment with people all around us and we can (maybe sometimes do) feel very alone and lonely.

As you take inventory of your journey through this life, ask yourself, “who are you travelling with?” Look around you. Who is need of someone to journey with.  God has made us to be a community. His Word challenges us to connect.

There will be a day when each of us are not doing well. When you have friends and family, you have others that will come over and love you through your pain and suffering. We should help each other when we are in need. We are more effective when we work together. We help each other do life with our skills and life becomes a little easier and little better.

Someone need YOU today!  Maybe YOU need someone today… Regardless, we are a community of people that need one another.  So take the first step.  Introduce yourself.  Invest yourself.  Make a difference and in doing so, you impact and empower yourself as well as the one you are investing in.

Recently I was challenged by someone when they asked, “Did you come here to be blessed or be a blessing?”  When I shifted my eyes from what I had hoped to receive, to what I could give to someone instead, that moment became life changing.

So what about you?  When you look at your friends, your travel companions as it were, are you thankful?  Do you seek to bless them? Do you recognize them as a blessing?  Stop right now and thank God for your friends, your family and those that you don’t even know yet that you can be a blessing to!  Remember…


Become the Complete Package of Comfort and Beauty

26 May

As I stood in my kitchen drinking a cup of coffee this morning, I looked around my living areas and felt pleasure in what we had created. 

You see, we moved into this home in 2009. When we were packing to move here, I conducted a MAJOR house cleaning. I wanted a fresh start – a new look, if you would. Therefore, when we moved into our new home, I had given over half of our “stuff” away. The result? We had to move very little “stuff” into our new home. As a matter of fact, several rooms looked sparse in the beginning. However, over the years, as I have visited antique stores and various stores, I purchased new treasures.

As I looked over those treasures, I marveled over the completed look.  I felt amazed how we had created a total package of comfort and beauty. I stood there and reflected on how I had came by my “treasures”. I did not purchase them from the same place nor at the same time nor did I have a plan when I began. As I found things that “fit” the direction I wanted my home to go, I purchased them. Piece by piece, my home came together. Now, 3 years later, it is beautiful. It is comfortable. When friends and family visit, they enjoy our home as much as we do.  I find satisfaction in what we had created.

As good as my coffee was this morning, the thought that came next was even more delightful.  Our lives can be like this too!  We can take inventory of what we need to clean, or remove, from our lives. What habits, traditions, thoughts and/or feelings do we need to remove from our lives? What, once removed, would give us that fresh start – a new look?

Once we have identified those things that need to be removed, give it away.  Don’t put it somewhere where you can pull it back out later. GET RID OF IT and then DON’T TAKE IT BACK!  Then identify the direction you want your fresh start, your new look, to go.  Most importantly, acknowledge that it will take time.  While you are “building” it, don’t settle for junk or imitation “stuff”.  Wait for the things that match your vision exactly.

Over time you will be able to stand back and savor your “home” of comfort and beauty. Yes, it will be comfortable.  Yes, it will be beautiful. Best of all?  When others are around you, they will find enjoyment in your beauty and comfort too.

A fresh start.  A good cup of coffee.  To become a home of beauty and comfort.  What else could you want?

Don’t let anything stop you!  Experience 

We reached the Top but that’s not the end of the story!

26 Mar

We reached the top!  We gaze upon the cross.  It’s foundation is a huge boulder.  We take turns sitting at the base of it. There is a since of accomplishment.  Of all being right with us – the cross – the world.  We looked back at the path, the journey, that we had taken to get us to the cross and realized IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

How about you?  Have you journeyed to the cross?  Do you also realize how worth it your decision was?  Are you sitting at the foot of the cross this moment?  If not, where are you sitting?Where are you resting?

Do you notice how weather ridden the cross is?  It has survived many a storm.  In my life, in your life.  Even storms that have yet to come – the cross will endure.  We too can endure, if we continue to sit in the shelter of the cross.  Lean over, dear one, cling to it with all that you are. The cross will endure – so can you.

You would think that this would be the end of the story – the moral of the story was shared.  As cool as the truths were coming up, I found more profound truths going back down.

Evidentially we all feel like we have to leave the cross.  In our case, it was because our next class was scheduled to begin.  As we began our climb back down, I realized that it was harder to walk down the hill than it was to climb uphill.  I had to walk more cautiously.  My foot slipped much more often.  My head and shoulders were leaning backwards to keep me from tumbling forward and becoming hurt.  Gravity was working against us – pulling us away – downward.  Our bodies were resistant to go.

Then bam!  More truths unravel before my eyes!

My body did not want to leave the cross!  Although gravity pulled me downward, my tendency was to lean back – TOWARDS THE CROSS!  You see once we encounter the cross, we don’t ever want to be separated from it!  Time, after time, my foot slipped while walking away from the cross – numerous times I was close to falling.  My friend, when we walk away from the cross – that is the first slip, multiple ones follow until we fall.

We need to stay at the cross.  Rest there.  Find shelter there.  Nothing good will come of it when we chose to leave the way of the cross.

How do we return?  When those storms come, picture where you are sitting.  What are you doing?  Are you sitting at the cross – confident that the storm will pass, or are you being billowed around by the wind, rain and elements?  STOP!!  Take inventory of where you are – where you want to be – then CHOSE the way of the cross.  I promise, it is that easy.  We are the ones that make it harder than that.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

Do you want easy and light?  I know I do!  I’m grabbing my fuzzy slippers…on your mark… get ready… REST!!!